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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Somewhere I read that boldness changes everything. It creates opportunities to redefine excellence to lead  industry and  transform tomorrow.

If you come out from comfort-zone, then the difficult things start appearing easy and a sense of accomplishment comes on reaching the target. In fact, success is an assortment of perseverance, steadfastness, boldness to walk the path of difficulties.

Boldness is simply not raw courage to face any situation. It is to have guts to do things in spite of all odds.We are endowed with faculties of intelligence, reasoning and unparalleled mind power which no living species could boast of. What is required is only boldness. The ability to take the risk put you on higher trajectory.  Man cherished to land on moon which he did. Only an idea can change the quality of life. It expands the possibility field. Whatever the technological developments taking place today are nothing but someone's ideas which are translated into action through countless attempts before they are fine-tuned into new innovations for better quality of life. So let us have an Idea with an ability to mould it into actionable result through consistent efforts with a blend of boldness.

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