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Sunday, September 04, 2011


He dreamt of becoming a pilot, but turned out as space scientist. We all know him as "Missile Man'. His contribution to Indian Space Programme is worth to be written in platinum letters. Above all, he served the nation as President and set a permanent home in the hearts of millions of Indians.

APJ Abdul Kalam is the man who inspires millions of people through his exemplary living. His vision: 2020 brought closer to children whom he asked to strive for the country to become a developed nation by 2020.

After a brief stint in NASA (America), Dr. Kalam worked in DRDO and later joined ISRO.  He gave thrust to the Indian Space Programme through indigenous technology and in the process many milestones were achieved.
The successful launch of ASLV, PSLV & GSLV to put the world class satellites into orbit earned him international reputation in a regime of restrictions on technology transfer by Uncle Sam. The indigenous technology team led by Kalam contributed immensely for defence of nation due to which the borders are now safely guarded with the deployment of surface to surface and surface to air inter-continental ballistic missiles.

The patriotic mind in Kalam made him so devoted in his work. He maintained total celibacy in life and he lived a life of Gandhian simplicity. Even after becoming the President, his life style largely remained unchanged.

His presidential years are free from controversy. He was neither activist President nor a rubber stamp. He is a man with bustling activity. By  visiting 16 nations and addressing to all State Legislative Assemblies apart from guest lectures to countless universities/ numerous educational institutions, he propagated his vision and ignited the audience with his electric speeches and charming power-point presentations.

He was ranked as the 4th Best President by an Indian news magazine on the main areas of Presidential functioning. His post retirement plans lures anybody : Apart from research work,  he is visiting professor to five  universities. In the last interview given to a news magazine, he contended his job at Raisana Hill and when asked about his future places, he told that : My plate is full.

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