Somewhere I read that boldness changes everything. It creates opportunities to redefine excellence to lead  industry and  transform tomorrow.

If you come out from comfort-zone, then the difficult things start appearing easy and a sense of accomplishment comes on reaching the target. In fact, success is an assortment of perseverance, steadfastness, boldness to walk the path of difficulties.

Boldness is simply not raw courage to face any situation. It is to have guts to do things in spite of all odds.We are endowed with faculties of intelligence, reasoning and unparalleled mind power which no living species could boast of. What is required is only boldness. The ability to take the risk put you on higher trajectory.  Man cherished to land on moon which he did. Only an idea can change the quality of life. It expands the possibility field. Whatever the technological developments taking place today are nothing but someone's ideas which are translated into action through countless attempts before they are fine-tuned into new innovations for better quality of life. So let us have an Idea with an ability to mould it into actionable result through consistent efforts with a blend of boldness.


The whole paradigm of HRD (Human Resource Development) revolves around one concept : How to improve the productivity of an employee ?

The company delegates this responsibility to Human Resources Department (HRD) whose job is to constantly strive to improve the work atmosphere and mindset of employees through a host of measures and increase their productivity. Before anything worthwhile is injected into their veins, the first thing they have to do is, change their value system.

Employees have to be motivated in such a way that their performance matters not only to their professional lives but bring a perceptible change in their personal lives as well. They have to be convinced that beyond money, there are some invaluable things which the money can't buy. So it is a soul-stirring exercise for which a firm ground work needs to be done.

Normally the employee thinks that he or she should work to the extent of being paid for. Whenever, anything requires beyond his/ her normal competence and effort, he/ she simply throws the ball on higher managers and remain mum. Due to this, the poor soul will lags behind in terms of promotions and other incentives/ avenues.

Here comes the world of difference. He is wise who plunges into action before anybody push him. The person who is in cocoon never realizes the credence of this great lesson. 

So here is one mantra for all people, especially in private sector. Don't limit your potential. Expand your circle of relations to touch new horizons. Napoleon Hill, America's acclaimed author on "Success" in his famous book " How to sell your way through life" suggests that one should have the habit of doing more than one is paid for his job.  In a chapter exclusively devoted for this concept, Hill  dwelt at length on how Henry Ford by following this unorthodox principle reached to the pinnacle of success. Though he is less educated, poor, he became the giant automobile maker of America. So it is your choice and you can ignore this important advice at your own peril.


He dreamt of becoming a pilot, but turned into space scientist. We all know him as "Missile Man'. His contribution to Indian Space Programme is worth to be written in platinum letters. Above all, he served the nation as President and set a permanent home in the hearts of millions of Indians.

APJ Abdul Kalam is the man who inspires millions of people through his exemplary living. His vision: 2020 brought closer to children whom he asked to strive for the country to become a developed nation by 2020.

After a brief stint at NASA (America), Dr. Kalam worked in DRDO and later joined ISRO.  He gave thrust to the Indian Space Programme through indigenous technology and in the process many milestones were achieved.The successful launch of ASLV, PSLV & GSLV to put the world class satellites into orbit earned him international reputation in a regime of restrictions on technology transfer by Uncle Sam. The indigenous technology team led by Kalam contributed immensely for defence of nation due to which the borders are now safely guarded with the deployment of surface to surface and surface to air inter-continental ballistic missiles.

The patriotic mind in Kalam made him so devoted in his work. He maintained total celibacy in life and he lived a life of Gandhian simplicity. Even after becoming the President, his life style largely remained unchanged.

His presidential years are free from controversy. He was neither activist President nor a rubber stamp. He is a man with bustling activity. By  visiting 16 nations and addressing to all State Legislative Assemblies apart from guest lectures to countless universities/ numerous educational institutions, he propagated his vision and ignited the audience with his electric speeches and charming power-point presentations.

He was ranked as the 4th Best President by an Indian news magazine on the main areas of Presidential functioning. His post retirement plans lures anybody.  Apart from research work, he is visiting professor to five  universities. In the last interview given to a news magazine, he contended his job at Raisana Hill and when asked about his future plans, he told that : My plate is full.


 Any nation's prosperity largely depends on its people's attitude towards growth.   If majority of the lot are positive minds, no force could stop them to turn into a vibrant super power like Japan.

Though geographically lesser fortunate as it's large terrain is prone to frequent earthquakes and volcano eruptions, but the people's commitment to development turned this country of Rising Sun into   global economic super power.

The most telling aspect of the Japan is it's ability to quickly embark from the ravages of the WorldWar - II.  By swiftly  healing its war wounds, Japan marched forward in terms of economic progress. It is now the world leader in auto-mobiles and consumer electronics.

The Japanese love nature and many are skilled in the art of Bonsai - growing miniature trees which grow upto 2 feet and survive for years. With almost cent percent literacy rate and very marginal population growth rate, Japan is superior to any other country in terms of economic wealth.

Japanese have a long working week; and much time is spent in entertaining clients after work. Most work places begin the day with physical exercise and loyalty declarations. 50 % of world's robots are made in Japan.

The world has much to learn on work ethics from Japan. With level playing field, the contribution of every employee is gauged through the best HR practices. The exemplary leadership qualities of top-rung managers keep the employee-employer relations harmonious and help them in team work.

With unemployment rate at minuscule 4.7 % (in July 2011), the people are a happy lot. Due to care taken at micro level, the result is quite inspiring and it could be possible only due to people's willing cooperation in all spheres of activities.