Amidst innumerable pulls and pressures of daily life, it is quite natural to drift away with rising blood pressure, offending our bodies to an irreparable level. Sometimes, it looks that the whole wisdom accumulated over the years take a frantic ride and raw emotions overpower us. The sole culprit is our  externality of mind obsessed too much with worldly affairs.

The anger when it swells out of proportion , causes considerable damage in relationships. We loose sheen in daily pleasures of life like listening to a favourite song, watching a good movie or chit-chat with family/ children.

To overcome this kind of malady and rejuvenate our mood, we need to set apart some time daily i.e morning and evening to absorb into solitude for atleast 30 minutes to bounce back with serenity, clarity and vitality.

Like-wise certain time should be allocated to commune with Nature. It may be our backyard garden or nearby green patch. Extol the Mother Nature by watching sun rise or sun set. If you are close to sea-shore, go there and listen to the sounds of ocean or water stream or simply smell the scent of a flower.

In fact, our happiness is grabbed by our expectation that certain things, people should behave according to our desired pattern which would never happen. Once we don't get the desired result, we wrangle with everybody, thereby negativity prevails everywhere. This animal impulse can be curbed by remaining non-judgemental. It means that we must stop inner chattering. Further we have to insulate ourselves  from the mood swings and act according to matured way. This way, we could bring equilibrium from hustle and bustle of daily life and walk towards the path of happiness.

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