ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) completely changed the landscape of  Personal Banking in  recent years.  But without attentive human intervention, they remain as dumb machines or you could aptly call them as Autocratic Teller Machines !!

The other day I desperately tried  to draw cash from my bank's ATM  on  pay day.    Like other earlier countless occasions, it shamelessly  tittered  with 'NO'.  I luckily saved my situation by taking cash from   nearby ATM of a private bank where there seems to be no dearth of  cash on any given day.

Here is a world of difference in the functioning of private & public sector banks.    I  am at a loss  to  understand why the govt. sector banks especially my bank  deliberately failed to keep adequate cash  when they very well know that  sufficient cash needs to be kept  especially on  pay days or on  festival days.    Doesn't it amount to failure of service delivery?

There seems to be nobody listening to the plight of low-end customers like me.    Imagine,  I am in a  remote village where  there is no other ATM and I have to return empty handed.    It is acceptable if there is any technical glitch in the ATM occasionally.   But  will the careless act of not filling the machines with cash on needy days amount to  criminal negligence ?   Who is to be blamed ?   What sort of action needs to be taken to avoid such problems ?   These are unreplied questions hunting my mind.

It is only attitude that matters a lot.  A sense of responsibility to provide service with a smile helps a lot  to  overcome the problems of  such  nature.     An  inner reform should come in the minds of these responsible govt. servants to act upto the expectations of customers.   Further  the functioning at micro-level needs to be kept under scanner.

At macro  level,  the top management should oversee the  service delivery  mechanism periodically  with a secret written customer feedback  to evaluate the functioning of  each branch .  Based on such feedback, the performance of it's managers should be assessed.

A world class delivery could usher when self-introspection rules their minds !

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