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Saturday, August 20, 2011


 In a world of restless ambitions, physical fitness is so vital not only to embark higher goals in life,  but  remain cheerful, disease-free, all through that journey. The daily dose of motivation to carve out sculpted bodies easily comes for celebrities, especially film personalities. Since they are under constant public gaze,  they get the unparalleled thrust to do the fitness regimen compare to their poor cousins in ordinary folks.

We have Salman Khan before us who now a days make others to raise eyebrows by coming to shooting spot on bicycle. The reason: he uses every opportunity to sculpt his body. Likewise, Kareena reduced her weight by simply following weight loss tips of Rujuta Diwekar who has written an epic book  Don't lose your mind : Lose your weight. The obvious reason for some film stars to maintain slim bodies  in such a short span is their being in limelight. As obesity adversely affect their career, they cannot take the risk of going into oblivion.

Body weight disproportionate to height will have its own set of maladies as well. Physical fitness directly relates to mental health. In nature, except men, no other animal puts on weight. They strictly follow the nature's cycle for intake of food whereas, man being endowed with high intellect but driven by impulse put himself in serious troubles.

A daily dose of physical exercises- aerobics, yoga will heal all possible health related problems we face in daily life. The food we eat factors a lot. Spicy food weakens the digestive track and taking lunch and dinner at irregular intervals will also have its toll on body.

Health experts say that we should follow the body's wisdom with regard to food. Beyond a comfortable point, don't follow the tongue, rather ask the body which helps to say what is ideal.

We may get inspiration from film personalities of our age group to do our work out. This way, we can maintain ideal weight so that peers, colleagues and relations will not pass adverse comments on our bodies.

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