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Thursday, July 21, 2011


 It is so natural for you to compare with others.  A healthy dose of competition of course, helps you to fine-tune your abilities.  But mechanical comparison will only take away the sheen of your life.

Each of us are unique.

Noted spiritual guruSadhguru Jaggie Vasudev says that every human being is endowed with unique talents by Almighty.   So we should not indulge in comparison wars.   So being envious of what others have or what others get more than you will only crpple you. This false comparison is mother of all the miseries.

As narrated by Sadhguru , a high ranking executive was brought to him by his relative to bring back to normalcy as he was so crippled  after his colleague got higher promotion than him. As the story went, this executive lost all his hope in life and fell sick.  Sadhguru  advised him to cast off all such idiotic thinking pattern and think beyond egoistic mindset. He was convinced that he is already in an envious position  in the Company with  plum pay and having beautiful family to enjoy the life fully. He was adequately convinced that there should not be any reason for him to feel bad about his colleague getting promotion. He was also advised that recurring replay of that incident would only crush him.

This piece of advice saved  that executive who despite being educated but was overshadowed with materialistic outlook  and finally, Sadhguru opened up his eyes.

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