MOTHER'S DAY - 8th May, 2011

Every Second Sunday of May in the year is marked as 'Mother's Day', especially in India. Though the day is different in other parts of the world between March and May, but certainly they observe Mother's day. On this day, children give gifts to their mothers in honour of motherhood.

My daughters have reminded me a day before that they want to give a gift to their mother. This made me feel happy, because their tiny minds thought on their own, without prompting from others. This kind of behaviour will nurture the roots of family bond.

In fact, we all should owe to our mothers for what we are today in our
lives. There is a Jewish Proverb which goes like this: God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. Washington Irving meekly told that : A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother's love endures through all.

Earmarking a day in a year will certainly give an opportunity to express our gratitude for unfathomable depths of mother's love.

But now a days, the relationships are on the verge of collapse. Children who have grown up shed their responsibility to look after their parents, leaving the aged ones at the mercy of  neighbours or old-age rehabilitation centres  both for financial and moral support. Irrespective of social status, the children need to extend their support to their parents especially when they become old so that the parents will not feel  insecured in their old age. This gesture by children  is a real tribute to mothers upon which the edifice of society stands.


Want to look smarter ? Yes, it is a deeply embedded instinct in all of us irrespective of gender and age group. But the problem is the consistency of that desire to ensure fitness of body and alertness of mind.  

Most of us simply abandon to look smarter with age.  But everybody feels envious of seeing other people as smart creatures.

A regular regimen sculpts an envious body and glaring skin. The brain also performs superbly well with early rise and maintaining fitness regimen. Taking fruits as an alternative to other breakfasts will help to look younger. Enough water intake will prevent dehydration of body. Maintaining punctuality for lunch & dinner and adequate sleep are some of the core health principles which can not be neglected.

Oral hygiene is also very important. For teeth care, brush twice a day  and for fresh breath, use a mouthwash.

Do yoga and meditation daily and don't creep the idea of aging into your mind.  When your mind is young with an adequate learning curve, your face automatically beams with radiance and natural smartness permeates your system