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Saturday, April 02, 2011


Listening is key to effective communication process. If we see our sense organs, it is apparent that the Creator has given us two ears and one tongue for a reason: listen twice as you speak. But how effectively and intelligently  we are using the same is a moot point.

Research reveals that people spend about 70 % of their work life in communication, and listening occupies a lion's share of 45%. Talking accounts second with 30 %, reading and writing rank third and fourth with 16 % and 9 % respectively.

A listener is always superior in his actions than a glib talker who run
out of words as well as energies. Without paying much attention, they indulge in futile talk which may help enemy to ascertain his/ her plans. So we have to fine-tune the faculty of listening.

Listening is obvious to increase your analytical abilities and help  to be more judgemental to act on your problems.  Listening skills benefit a lot in personal life,  like having great number of friends and improved social networking and more importantly a high self-esteem.

The importance of listening need not be over-emphasized for professionals in marketing area whose job is to connect more with their clients. If you are a good listener, it will give a lasting impression at personal level and contribute to your personal and organizational growth.   For software professionals, this faculty is of paramount importance to know minutely the user experience for which they have to pay due attention and this could be possible only through effective listening.

In nutshell,  listening gives unparalleled wisdom to know about the other person. So next time when your friend/ child or even unknown person try to say  something, allow him/ her to do so,  instead of interrupting in the middle. It is not only a good manner,  but an intelligent way of tackling others in consonance with their emotional needs.
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