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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Cricket occupies a large space on Indian psyche. The cult status it enjoys and near stardom of its players makes cricket beyond any wild imagination. No game in India is as popular as cricket due to much fanfare in media as it conjures up young and old with equal twist.

I feel that cricket becomes more of commerce than a game. The Indian Premier League's (IPL) auctioneering of teams, title & trophy to business entities buttress this point.

I am not an ardent critic of cricket. My opposition is to the extent of media vauntingly highlighting  the game. It storms the headlines in
TV channels sliding other important happenings to the corner. The irony of the game is , it grows work-malingers who literally glue to TV sets throughout the match without any productive work. It is abysmal that the game does not promote sportsmanship but only rise your heartbeat.

Due to fanatic public obsession, other games have been put on the back burner.  They are riddled with talent crunch and at the mercy of government funding. Even the highest talent in other disciplines is not attracting public gaze and some times the player / athlete has to look for sponsorships to participate in international tournaments . The influence of Cricket in India is such that Sachin Tendulkar was adjudged as one of the 60 Greatest Indians in the recent rankings by a reputed Indian news magazine.

Basically, cricket is an affluent man's game. If the cricket is really played for sportsmanship,  then why only few  countries are playing this game ? Why it is not included in OLYMPIC GAMES ?  It earned its reputation from business perspective as continuous beaming of'the  game earn more Ad revenue to sponsors / Broadcasters.

It is alluring Indian television companies , because India has nearly 65 % of the world television audience for cricket. There were countless instances where the cricket grabbed the headlines on Indian Media sliding other important news to back burner. Sam Pitroda, Adviser the then Adviser to  Indian Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure in a  seminar said that we see only three things on Indian TVBollywood, Cricket and Political Gossip.

I personally feel that cricket is getting too much media coverage and other games are cornered due to which there is a danger of certain games go into oblivion. So it is the need of the hour to give due diligence and intellectuals must sit together to chalk out some policy initiatives to  guide the  government  for a formidable change.

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